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A majority of people suffer from acne condition; it is a common and frequent problem that occurs primarily as a result of hormonal shifts in the body. The androgen hormone induces the sebaceous glands to secrete excessive oil that clogs the skin pores. This leaves room for development of bacteria and eventual acne formation.  Several remedies are available for acne treatments that vary in their effectiveness depending on the acne type and severity of the acne condition.

Holistic remedies an overall treatment for acne by improving several factors at one time. Alteration in diet is one of the factors that will greatly reduce the acne condition. There is not enough research done that supports the relation and effects of food with acne however study shows that individuals that abstain from eating certain food items have seen improvements in the acne problem. Changes in the diet include reducing consumption of dairy products especially cheese. Avoiding oily and fatty foods that only adds to the waist line would be helpful. According to health experts more raw food should be included in the diet that would help the body clean the toxins that develop as a result of processed food consumption. The fibers help keep the colon clean and reduce acne development.   Proteins should be added to the diet such as nuts, legume and seeds. Vegetables and fruits consist of rich vitamins and fibers that are required to enhance the functions of the body.


Herbal remedies are often seen to reduce acne conditions that occur as a result of the body’s inability to digest and clear the toxins. The liver plays an important role in affecting the health of the skin. Dandelion leaves and burdock roots contain inulin that gets rid of bacteria and improves the liver condition. These herbs can be taken directly in the form of supplements or consumed as tea. Steaming the face is often recommended to reduce acne. Two quarter of water added with lavender and strawberry leaves should be heated and placed in a bowl at a distance from the face. A cloth can also be soaked with the mixture and placed over the skin for around 15 minutes. After this the face should be washed with cold water and dried gently.

Non comedogenic skin care products should be used to reduce acne breakouts. Oil free products do not contain chemicals that can damage the skin and induce acne. Skin care is essential to improving acne problem. Washing the skin regularly reduces the likelihood of acne development. Acne affected areas should not be touched or picked on since this can further irritate the skin and spread the acne.

In case of severe acne that does not improve after using holistic remedies it is advisable to consult a dermatologist who would prescribe the right form of treatment for acne.